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Discover Media House delivered impressive efficiencies. The campaign brought more conversions than we’d targeted and their programmatic platform enabled us to bring our effective display cost per acquisition below target.
Robin Rowley
Digital Marketing Leader
We found in previous ad campaigns, it took us weeks to put together the market information that Discover Media House was able to supply in the space of one hour.
Vincent Salva
Director of Marketing The Art of Productions
Discover Media House is incredibly forward thinking with their platform that aggregates everything a marketer would want to know about media options in one place. They made it easy and seamless for us to combine online and offline media in a single campaign.
Rich Elliott
Marketing Director
Without Discover Media House, there's no way we would have had time to call and negotiate over 20 suppliers. Through automation, their platform ensured our sale was a big success. It eliminated the busy work, allowing me to focus on making decisions.
Jenny Wong
Senior Marketer, Comor Sports
Discover Media House has saved JYSK a lot of time and money. We had a 217% increase in traffic for our Grand Opening and can credit the great TV and Radio plan that DMH put together for us.
Lynne Williams
Advertising Director
Discover Media House's platform delivered phenomenal prices on media that gave us the best results we've seen in offline advertising.
Sean Rollinson
Co-President, Escapes.ca
We weren't just impressed with what Discover Media House did, we were amazed. I wish their service existed years ago. Everyone who wants to advertise should use this company!
Josh Green
Director Fearmongers