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The Inflection Program partners high-growth companies with Canada’s biggest media suppliers to build brand leaders

With this new program, Discover is playing the role of matchmaker, creating strategic partnerships between high-growth companies and established media co’s. As a startup or an ambitious challenger, you can access high quality media in exchange for equity or fees tied to milestones that you hit as you grow – deferring costs to when your campaigns have generated new revenue and you have the cash flow to support mass awareness marketing.

To manage cash flow, start-ups typically focus on direct-response media – a smart way to generate early market traction and revenue. And yet, many founders of consumer-facing companies overlook the power of building a household brand. There are numerous examples of fast growing companies that have leveraged mass media in their early days: Casper Mattress,, Mogo… the list goes on. Often start-ups realize the value of building their brand and capturing early market share by owning the new category they are creating, but don’t have the available funds to in invest in the media and creative required to achieve this. The Inflection Program allows you to capitalize on this strategic advantage while deferring the upfront investment. If your business is at an inflection point where you are ready to scale and you need to reach a broader audience, the Inflection Program could be the right fit for you.

Traditional and digital media companies have enthusiastically signed on to this program because it gives them access to startup clients that might not otherwise use their products – providing a portfolio of high-growth companies that will pay back their up-front investments for years to come.

Discover Media House has partnered with Canada’s most results-proven and creatively-awarded agency, DDB Canada. Known for transforming business through intelligent creativity, DDB Canada delivers brand-building campaign work and strategic creative that high-growth companies can use in conjunction with media. DDB's Ignite program specializes in brand building for startups.

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