Our mission is to simplify ad buying and improve the quality of campaigns run by small and large advertisers. We work constantly to learn about new media options and technologies that help you better target your media spend and we make that information available in our comprehensive market database and with our industry analysis and strategic planning services.

We created Discover Media House so that you can:

  • Discover premium inventory in an online marketplace
  • Discover low prices on advertising
  • Discover innovative media solutions
  • Discover new customers (and old customers in new places)
  • Discover the best media for your campaign in minutes

OUR TEAM feels strongly that technology-enabled media planning and buying is an essential part of the media agency model of the future and we want to put it to work for you now


Steve Lowry | Founder
With 13 years experience in technology and media. Steve co-founded Play Taxi Media and built it into a national media company. Prior to Play, he worked as a technology and finance lawyer at McCarthy Tetrault and as an investment banker at TD.
Randy Wenas | Co-Founder & CTO
Randy is a highly experienced full-stack engineer and software instructor. Previously, he co-founded StumblePie, momojobs, and developed systems for leading companies such as Global Relay, Teradici, HSBC, and airG.
√Čva Pusztahegyi | Media Director
With 10 years of experience in the media industry, Eva is a specialist in sourcing ad solutions and optimizing campaigns across all types of media. Previously, she worked with Olive Media, Newad, and Adcentricity.

Advisory Board

Frank Palmer | Chairman & CEO, DDB Canada
Frank is nothing short of a legend in Canadian advertising and investing. After starting his agency over 40 years ago, he created Canada's most creatively acclaimed communication firm. Frank is also a highly active philantropist.
Ben Plomion | SVP Marketing, GumGum
As the former Head of Marketing at Chango, an industry-leading programmatic advertising company, Ben was responsible for building the company's highly regarded brand. He currently heads up marketing at GumGum, a large US digital company.
Walder Amaya | EVP International Sales, Evolve Media
With 17 years of experience, Walder has held key positions in advertising and web development with a focus on international markets. Evolve Media is an integrated digital media company centered around enthusiast publishing and advertising sales.
Adib Saikali | Senior Engineer, Pivotal Labs
With 20 years experience in software development for companies such as HSBC and Research In Motion, Adib is an invaluable resource for best practices in building a dev team and engineering software to the highest industry standards.

WE BELIEVE that the media industry is about to become drastically more efficient. We have seen incredibly rapid changes in the way digital media is purchased with the advent of programmatic ad buying and the emerging trend of "automated guaranteed" buying, where person-to-person negotiations establish long-term relationships but day-to-day placements are handled by computers.

These digital media methodologies are now coming to traditional media, and we are excited to be leading the charge. We use technology to enable both buyers and the sellers to do their jobs faster and better. AND we do it across all media, from digital to radio, to print, TV and out-of-home. It is this ability that makes our platform one of a kind.