Welcome to your career in Ad Tech!

Discover Media House is hiring

Discover Media House is a rapidly growing company that is changing the face of media buying. We are based in Canada but many of our positions are open to enthusiastic professionals who live in any part of North America.

We are interested in working with builders - smart, driven individuals who have the rare combination of being able to both envision things that don't yet exist and to take the many steps necessary to make those visions a reality. Picture the movie Inception, but in the real world.

This is an opportunity for you to work with an incredibly skilled group of people who share a desire to make markets function better and more transparently through technology. We are intent on changing the ad world to make top quality media more accessible and more cost effective for the many businesses out there that rely on advertising to inspire brand loyalty and find new customers.

Currently, we have the openings below. To apply, please email your resume to info and put "Hire me!" in the subject line of your email.

Open positions

Account Manager
Location: Toronto, ON
Department: Accounts
Data Entry Clerk
Location: North America
Department: Operations
Developer - Database
Location: North America
Department: Operations
Location: Vancouver, BC
Department: Finance