Introducing our new Ad Tech Series

Our team stays on top of new ad technology that gets released every week and we want to share what we learn with all our clients. This series will highlight tech entrepreneurs who are pioneering in media and advertising. This week, we interviewed Jerrid Grimm, founder of Pressboard – the company that plays Cupid for brands and publishers…
Q. What does Pressboard do that no one else does yet?

A. Pressboard believes that stories are more powerful than ads. Our platform gives brands the ability to co-create content with dozens of influential online media publishers at once. Pressboard even ensures that those stories will be read. We are the only native platform in the world that guarantees actual reads of the content, instead of charging flat fees or impressions on ad units.

Q. So we heard you won second place at the prestigious Ad Tech conference in NYC. What do you think gave you the nod from the judges?

A. Thanks, we were pumped to have been selected! Content marketing is a space that nearly all brands are starting to explore. While it’s a super effective way to engage with potential customers, it quickly turns into a nightmare of work, resources and reporting. We were pitching to a panel of brand managers, I think that they recognized how much of their time would be freed up immediately.

Q. What is the best use-case for your services?

A. Pressboard is all about stories, at scale. Whether you’re Tourism Whistler looking to attract visitors from Seattle or General Mills looking to create content around holiday snacking. If you want to reach audiences through stories, you come to Pressboard.

Q. How should someone reach Pressboard if they want to try your services?

A. Send me an e-mail at jerrid@pressboardmedia

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