AdTech Spotlight: ThinkCX

This week we got a chance to sit down with Ron Smouter, Co-Founder of ThinkCX – the company that analyzes social media to find early warning signs when a customer is considering switching providers (i.e. “customer churn”)…
Q. Tell me about ThinkCX’s vision for marketers. What’s the key link in the chain you’re providing them?

A. ThinkCX is the early warning system that enables marketers to be far more proactive in fighting customer churn. We find and analyze dozens of different types of public churn signals that a brand’s customers provide on social media. When an individual customer displays signs of switching, we send an early warning to the brand, long before that customer picks up the phone to cancel.

Q. What industries is your product an especially good fit for?

A. Our solution is particularly effective in retaining customers for companies that have a subscription or recurring billing business model with relatively high customer revenue values. ThinkCX is currently focused on helping brands in the telecom, retail banking, and insurance industries, and we’re looking forward to serving other industries such as e-commerce, travel/hospitality, and consumer loyalty programs in the near future.

Q. In terms of others in this space, are you beating your competitors on speed or zigging while they zag?

A. Oh, we’re zigging alright! Most of the competition we encounter comes from complex analytic solutions that use the brand’s own internal billing and operations systems as data sources for their churn prediction models. ThinkCX focuses on what the customers more directly reveal about themselves and their churn intentions on social media. So, while everyone is heading for the same finish line, our solution definitely follows a unique course in getting there.

Q. How should someone reach ThinkCX if they want to try your services?

A. “Try” is the right word – we begin all client engagements with a no-risk pilot program designed to prove the solution’s value before a purchase decision is made. Please email rsmouter@thinkcx to find out how it works.

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